At Ireland FX, we can help not only when purchasing or selling assets, (property, boats, aircraft, etc) overseas but we can also assist with transferring funds from an overseas job, sending money abroad, or even with monthly mortgage payments.

Because we have access to the “Interbank market” and we don’t have High street branch overheads, we therefore are able to offer you better exchange rates than you would normally get from a High street bank. By giving you a better exchange rate, we take less of your money that the High Street banks do and give you more foreign currency for your base currency. Basically, we give you more bang for your buck…Simple.

The process is very simple. Once you have opened an account with us, you phone one of our dealers and fix an exchange rate for the transaction. You then transfer your funds to one of our designated client accounts. Once the funds clear into one of our accounts, we then transfer your foreign currency to your desired location from one of our foreign currency accounts.

We are registered and regulated by HM Customs and Excise as a money service business and thus have to follow the rules set out by the 2007 Money Laundering Regulations. We therefore will need to take some simple personal details before entering into a transaction.



Mr Brown, bought a house in the ski resort Chamonix, France. The cost of the house was 300,000 EUR. As completion approached Mr Brown, phoned his bank to transfer the 300,000 EUR. He gets offered a rate of 1.4550 EUR to the GBP. Meaning he would need 206,186 GBP, to get the 300,000 EUR

Mr Brown thought, that as he is sending a sizable amount of money he should be able to get a rate closer to the mid rate, so he gave Ireland FX a call. We quoted him a rate of 1.4680. Meaning Mr Brown would only need 204,360 GBP, to get his required 300,000 EUR.

By transacting with Ireland FX, Mr Brown saved around £1,826